Большой экскаватор sunward SWE900ES

Power UnitModelCummins   QSX15
TypeDirect   injection, Water cooling and Four-strokes
Air suctionTurbocharging   and air cooling
Cylinder diameter×stroke6
Rated powerL15
Maximum torquekW/rpm418/1800
Number of cylindersN.m/rpm2542/1400
Hydraulic UnitHydraulic   pump
Type2×variable   plunger pumps
Discharge of main pumpL/min2X504
Discharge of pilot pumpL/min1X35
Maximum pressure
Oil circuit of working unit/supercharging MPa31.4/34.3
Slewing oil circuitMPa29
Traveling oil circuitMPa36
Pilot oil circuitMPa3.9
Hydraulic Oil CylinderNumber   of cylinders — cylinder diameter × arm diameter × stroke
Boom oil cylinder2-215mm×150mm×1950mm
Arm oil cylinder1-225mm×160mm×2165mm
Bucket oil cylinder1-215mm×150mm×1585mm
Rotary SystemDriving   modeHydraulic   drive
Swing motorAxial   plunger motor
Parking brakeHydraulic   disc brake
Rotating speedrpm6.5
Working Weight and Specific PressureThe   working weight includes a 7,1000 mm HD type boom,a 2,950 mm HD type arm, an   operator, lubricant, coolant,fuel and other standard equipment.
Working weightkg90500
Width of track linkmm650
Ground specific pressurekPa126
Traveling SystemDriving   modeHydraulic   drive
Travel motor2×   two-speed transmission axial piston motor
Parking brakeHydraulic   disc brake
Traveling speed km/h4/2.4
Traveling tractionkN638
Maximum gradeability70%   (35°)
Lower Traveling FrameIntermediate   frameHD   type and X-shaped frame
Crawler frameHD   type box beam structure
Number of crawler sections2×50   sections
Number of carrier rollers2X3
Number of thrust rollers2X9
Caterpillar track guide mechanism2X2
Coolant and LubricantFuel   tankL1300
Hydraulic oil tankL650
Engine oilL54
Traveling reducer oilL2X13
Slewing reducer oilL2X14
BucketBucket   capacity (ISO standard)4.55.5
Bucket width (including side blade plate)mm19202220
Bucket weightkg62696865
Number of bucket teeth55
2.95m standard arm O
Working RangeBoom   lengthmm7100
Arm lengthmm2950
Max.digging heightmm12130
Max.unloading heightmm8000
Max.digging depthmm7265
Digging depth (2.44m; horizontal)mm7120
Max.vertical digging depthmm6505
Max.digging reachmm12390
Max.ground digging reachmm12055
Min.front swing radiusmm5330
Digging force of bucket (ISO supercharging)kN495
Digging force of arm (ISO supercharging)kN373
Outline DimensionBoom   lengthmm7100
Arm lengthmm2950
Total lengthmm13885
Total heightmm4975
Total widthmm3550
Ground clearance of counterweightmm1580
Minimum ground clearancemm932
Tail swing radiusmm4850
Ground contact length of trackmm4945
Length of trackmm6205
Track gaugemm2750/33800
Width of trackmm3400/4030
Width of track linkmm650
Cab heightmm3600
Height of machine hoodmm3470
Width of turntablemm3480
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